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Allen's Philosophy

Every person is a complex synthesis of their inherited genes, the family and environment in which they grew up, accumulated life experiences, as well as their fundamental life energy.  In order to truly heal, it is necessary to look beyond the simple manifestation of symptoms and to recognize the entirety of the whole person.  Health is more than just not having symptoms. Health is a complete expression of the vitality and life of the entire person.


Health is freedom.  Not just freedom from symptoms, but the freedom to live life fully and energetically without dependence on medications and other artificial supports.  The ultimate goal of homeopathic treatment is to live fully integrated with one’s deeper self.  Healing, therefore, is an unfolding in which self-discovery occurs as symptoms resolve.  Symptoms are not simply the manifestation of disease, symptoms are truly the body’s way of showing us how to change and grow in the healing process.


Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of holistic medicine based on principles which differ from those of allopathic (orthodox) medicine.  Allopathic medicine treats symptoms.  As a homeopathic practitioner, I look at the whole person: the mental/emotional state, the energetic state of the body and the physical symptoms.  By exploring the complete nature of the entire person it is possible to find remedies which reflect the state of that person.  The action of a homeopathic remedy specific to the entire person, leads to balanced individualized healing from within. Homeopathic treatment is a process. Although “overnight” results are sometimes experienced, homeopathic patients most commonly experience steady improvement over time.

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What I want for my clients

Not only do I want the patient to become free of their symptoms, the constraints which prevent them from living freely, I want them to recognize the origins of the symptoms in their lives and histories.  I also hope that clients learn from the homeopathic process how to adjust their lives and lifestyles to prevent other conditions and symptoms from manifesting over their lifetime. Homeopathy takes a mutual commitment between the client and the homeopath.  I am here to support you at each step in the process.

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