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The Homeopathic Process

What actually happens at a homeopathic appointment? What should you expect from the homeopathic healing process?


The homeopathic process is unlike any other type of healing. Unlike acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, and many alternative modalities, it isn’t necessary to have weekly appointments. Homeopathic remedies work in your body for an extended period of time so that appointments are scheduled every 4, 6,

or 8 weeks.


The initial homeopathic appointment takes between 1½-2 hours. During that time, I will be getting to know you as a person. I will want to know about your specific symptoms and conditions, and also how your body functions in general: how does your body respond to weather conditions, what are your sleep patterns and habits, what foods do you crave or avoid, and so on. I will want to know how other systems of your body function: your digestion and elimination, your heart and respiration, what is your menstrual cycle like, etc. And, I want to know who you are as an individual: what is your personal and family history, what are the stresses in your life, what is your lifestyle?


In the philosophy of homeopathy, there is no separation between your mental/emotional state and your physical state, so it is necessary to gather as much information as possible to help determine the optimal homeopathic remedy. Because you are a whole person, when you have symptoms, the entire person needs to be treated. This is quite different from allopathic medicine, where, if you have a stomach issue, you go to a G.I. physician, and if you also have headaches, you may go to a neurologist, too. Your treatment is compartmentalized. Homeopathy considers that two or more simultaneous conditions may be related because you are one person, who is out of balance in those areas. Homeopathy treats the whole integrated person.


After the initial appointment a homeopathic remedy — sometimes two — will be recommended. The remedies I use come in small, round pellets, which you will take once a day, once a week, or once a month. The remedy will continue to work in your system over time, relative to its strength (measured by the dilutions and succusions). Remedies are not chemically based, but are energetic in nature. A simple analogy would be turning on a light bulb. The light will continue to burn until it finally burns out, at which time a new bulb is inserted — or the remedy is re-administered.


During the next 6 weeks, you will be taking the remedy as directed. We will have a brief follow-up phone call approximately 10 days after the initial appointment. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and for me to assess your initial response to the remedy.


At the first follow-up appointment, I will be assessing the nature of your response. Not only will I ask about your specific symptoms, but also about any shifts in your mental/emotional state and your dreams, as well as any physical changes. During this appointment, you may share additional information and fresh insight that will assist remedy selection. Based on my evaluation of your state and progress, we may continue with the initial remedy, or introduce another remedy. This process continues one appointment to the next.


Throughout your homeopathic treatment, I am not only assessing the efficacy of the specific homeopathic remedy, but also striving to know more about you. Your input and personal evaluation of your progress and history can often lead to my understanding of ever more effective remedies to administer for your healing process.


I have stated a few times that homeopathy is a process. It isn’t like orthodox medicine where the doctor prescribes a medicine you might take for months or even years. With homeopathy, we work together to find the optimal remedy for you. Sometimes the homeopathic process is compared to the peeling away of layers of an onion. But even if there aren’t “layers” which need to be removed, it is important to allow time for the remedies to work. Essentially, the longer you have had a condition or a disease, the longer it will take for it to resolve.


Therefore, children are often excellent homeopathic patients. Because they have not had their conditions for years and years, and have not been subject to the stresses and challenges of adult life, they often respond very directly and vigorously to homeopathic treatment.


What I most wish for my clients is healing of their symptoms, conditions or disease in the shortest possible time. I hope that the homeopathic process for my clients is one of growth, where they learn to understand themselves better, and as a result, are able to live more freely and happily, and making adjustments in their lives to maintain excellent health.

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