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I have been a patient of Allen McMickle’s for about nine years. During that time, I have found him to be a caring and thoughtful practitioner.  He listens, ponders, and prescribes with excellent results.  He follows up and cares for patients.  He is the most effective homeopath that I have dealt with — and I have dealt with several over the years.    


I have recommended him to many people (including family members) and they have had the same response.  They appreciate his deep listening and his caring prescribing.  (He has prescribed for my mother, now in her nineties, with excellent results, even though he has only talked with her over the phone. He has also prescribed for my wife and my sisters, also with excellent results.)


His ongoing commitment to his Ohio patients remains steady since his move to New York.  He schedules regular follow-up appointments, and remains, as he always has, available through extended phone conversations. (Prescribing homeopathically requires in depth interviews to find the precise remedy to treat the disease.)  I am sure that Allen is building the same kind of patient base and commitment to patients in New York as he had here.


When practiced by people who deeply understand homeopathy, homeopathy provides an incredibly powerful healing that energizes the entire person — physically, emotionally, and spiritually — to develop to their potential.


Allen McMickle understands the theory of homeopathy, he understands the remedies, and he understands his patients.  He makes a difference in lives.


Sincerely yours,


John, retired professor of English and Homeopathic Healing client